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People love to cook with spices. Unfortunately we often have the habit of either picking up more spices than enough. These spices often take up space on our shelves and are often very disorganized. Thankfully, there is now the Spicy Shelf to help us get rid of our spice shelf disaster!spicerack

My spices are SO much easier to find now!

The only issue I have is that my cabinets are short on the bottom – no worries, I just moved my spices from the bottom to the top. Easy peasy! I plan on using my second Spicy Shelf for my makeup!

The Spicy Shelf is the surefire way to get your spice cupboard organized. No matter the size of your cabinet, the Spice Shelf will be able to fit into it. The creators of this nifty shelf offer a money-back guarantee. Another thing that makes this shelf organizer different than the rest is the ability to display your spices either in a stackable or side by side manner. It is fully adjustable and is easy to install.


The Spicy Shelf comes in one color and also has large and small standing legs included should you wish to stack it. Very convenient and easy installation makes this a perfect choice for those who want to organize their spice cupboard. It is durable, easy to clean and no tools are required for installation.

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The handy organizational tool is a great organizer for spices, crafts, medicines, cosmetics, and supplements. Anywhere you need to store small jars or containers, the Spicy Shelf will help keep it organized.

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