Let’s say your child comes home from school and tells you he met a new friend. You ask his friend’s name and he says “his name is Tyler!”. Would you bat an eye? Probably not. Then again you are probably not like British social figure and former Apprentice (British version) contestant Katie Hopkins (I had never heard of her either) who says she “thinks that children with intelligent names have intelligent parents and therefor are better play dates” for her children. No-no names for her include Chantel, Charmaine, Brandon, sport figure names, seasonal names, or names of places.

Which is amusing. Because her children are named Poppy, India, and Maximillian. All lovely names, don’t get me wrong. But last I checked “India” is a country in South Asia. And Poppy is the name of a late spring flower. A stretch to call it seasonal, but there is enough in the name to cause an argument that it is.


You can watch the Youtube clip of Hopkins debating her point with Holly Willoughby of This Morning, a Good Morning America-esque daily show that airs in the UK.

Would you or do you decide what class a child – or a person in general – is by their first name? Why or why not? Comment below or on Twitter and share your views of this topic.


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