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Julius Jr Debuted on Nick Jr and I Had a BIG Party!

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Julius Jr on Nick jr


As a Saban Brandbassador, I get to tell you all about the cool stuff happening there. One VERY fun and exciting new show? Julius Jr!

Julius Jr. is a funky monkey with a penchant for invention. Together with his best pals, Worry Bear, Sheree, Clancy and Ping — they build a playhouse out of a simple cardboard box. But when they step inside, to their surprise and delight, they discover a magical playroom where ordinary objects come to life and fantastic adventures are just a door away! From the world-renowned Paul Frank brand,  Saban Brands presents “JULIUS JR.”, an all-new animated preschool series based on the Paul Frank family of characters targeting kids 2-4 years old. This new series brings the strength of a globally recognized brand that has been trusted by parents throughout the world for nearly 20 years!

I was super excited to host a Julius Jr party at my house for all of my favorite “littles to watch the show for the very first time.


They loved it so much they had to watch it twice! Julius Jr kept the kiddos glued to the screen.  After the show was over we made a fun clubhouse out of cardboard, just like Julius Jr and his friends.
We also made some fun masks so that the kids could pretend they were characters from the show!
I loved that Julius was so creative, caring to his friends, and industrious in trying to figure out how to test the catapault they had made. So cute!! I also love that they have their own little rock band. Paul Frank is all about ROCKING OUT, so it was only fitting!
I hope you are able to check out Julius Jr on Nick Jr – every Sunday at 11am!
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    1. Here’s what you do!

      Make a royal icing (basically egg whites and powdered sugar with cream of tartar, you can find some recipes on Pinterest), separate it into 4 ziploc bags. Color the icing bags:


      Keep them zipped because they will dry out! You may have to add a little more powdered sugar to the black and the red ones because you’ll use a lot of food coloring. I prefer the Wilton coloring that comes in the jar – find it at Michael’s 🙂 The black will look dark gray until it dries just FYI!

      Print out a small photo of Julius Jr, like 3″x3″. If you are photoshop-savvy you can make a sheet of Julius heads.

      Place the photo underneath a sheet of waxed paper on a cookie sheet or other non-bendable board. Snip the tip of the black bag and start tracing the black hair/head of Julius Jr, then fill in. Do the same with the light pink skin, then fill in the eyes white and the mouth red. Go back with the black for his nostrils and eyeballs. When you are done let them sit at room temp – not in the fridge or freezer because they will run and “sweat”. room temp or even a super low oven works. They will harden completely in about 2 hours!

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