My kids are constantly asking for jars of bubbles – isn’t it funny how every kids loves bubbles? So I often get them the dollar bottles and they go through them quickly (usually by knocking the bottle over!). Juggle Bubbles introduced me to a new way of playing with bubbles!

  • Catch, pass and even juggle bubbles like magic
  • Secret is the no-pop solution and magic gloves
  • Ordinary bubbles go pop, Juggle Bubbles do not
  • Play bubble handball, keep up or catch with your friends
  • Hours of entertainment
  • Great indoors or out
  • Non-toxic
  • Ages 5+


Juggle Bubbles comes with the solution, blow wand (looks like a trumpet), a bubble tray, and a pair of gloves. The gloves are small, designed for kids hands. They were a little big for my 4 year olds but a little small for me.


I have to say – you need to practice and find a technique when trying to juggle the bubbles. I did find that they lasted longer than normal bubbles though! AND if you touch them with your bare hand they will pop. The gloves are the key here. Regardless, my kids did have fun trying to catch the bubbles and did succeed, even at 4 years old.


The trumpet blow wand was easy for them to use, about as easy as a traditional bubble wand, so that’s definitely a plus. I would have loved to see the bubbles last a little longer, maybe adding more glycerin to the solution would help that? Or of course – practice! A child around 6 years old would be the perfect candidate for this. It’s also kind of fun explaining why they can be juggled to the kids – yeah science!!


Overall, I would say that Juggle Bubbles is a fun gift that kids would enjoy, but they do need to follow the directions and practice. I bet there can be some super-cool tricks developed with them! Find them at Walmart!

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