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I am SO excited to share with you a NEW experience for your children when you are shopping – Camp Macy’s! Kids can experience summer activities and American Spirit indoors at Camp Macy’s this Sunday, June 14th, 2015 at 2pm for kids of all ages! For more info visit The Camp Macy’s Page

Looking for some summer fun-time activities that the whole family can enjoy? Shop and keep your kids occupied? As part of their American Icons campaign, Macy’s is hosting Camp Macy’s with all sorts of activities we remember from going to camp when we were kids. Instead of sending them to sleep away camp, do Camp Macy’s. Kids can enjoy a camp experience indoors through readings, storytelling, BINGO and snacks – There’ll also be crafts to show off your American spirit, refreshments, giveaways, and more! And what’s more American and iconic than Macy’s and summer camp?

Camp Macy’s is a place for families to create lasting memories! Capture special moments while you’re at the event and use #AmericanSelfie to be entered into a contest run by Macy’s! Macy’s will donate $1 for each #AmericanSelfie up to $250k, to support America’s veterans with Got Your 6. A handful of winners will be selected for a spectacular moment in Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks show on NBC!

Here’s a list of locations –

Macy’s Coral Square (Coral Springs, FL) – 6/14, 2pm
Macy’s Florida Mall (Orlando, FL) – 6/14, 2pm –
Macy’s Southlake (Morrow, GA) – 6/14, 2pm

Macy’s Modesto Vintage Fair (Modesto, CA) – 6/14, 2pm –

Macy’s St. Clair Square (Fairview Heights, IL) – 6/14, 2pm
Macy’s Rosedale (Roseville, MN) – 6/14, 2pm
Macy’s Fashion Square (Saginaw, MI) – 6/14, 2pm –
Macy’s The Promenade (Bolingbrook, IL) – 6/14, 2pm
Macy’s Westmoreland (Greenburgh, PA) – 6/14, 2pm
Macy’s Greenwood Park (Greenwood, IL) – 6/14, 2pm
Macy’s Herald Square (New York, NY) – 6/14, 2pm –
Macy’s Mall at Rockingham Park (Salem, NH) – 6/14, 2pm –
Macy’s Baybrook (Friendswood, TX) – 6/14, 2pm
Macy’s Arrowhead Towne Center (Glendale, AZ) – 6/14, 2pm
Macy’s Henderson Galleria at Sunset (Henderson, NV) – 6/14, 2pm
Macy’s Clackamas Town Center (Portland, OR) – 6/14, 2pm
Macy’s Livingston Mall (Livingston, NJ) – 6/14, 2pm

I hope you can join us and have some FUN this Sunday! I’ll be at Clackamas Town  Center in Portland and I’d love to see you!