* I received the product(s) mentioned below in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


I’m a sucker for candles and jewelry. I actually used to work at a kiosk during college that sold these pyramid candles with baubles in them, they were silver charms and were so pretty! Since then I have loved the “unveiling” of candles with jewelry. JewelScent was introduced to me recently, so I got a chance to check them out!

IMG_20141210_205417I received the following:

Pumpkin Caramel Aroma Beads ($19.99)

Vanilla Sugar Moroccan Argan Oil Hand Soap ($15.99)

2014 Holiday Trio 3-Tin Candle Set ($44.99)

Aside from the obvious thrill of the jewelry, I want to talk about the scents and product quality first, because I think that’s really where the true value is. The Aroma Beads smell kind of amazing – I love food scents and the Pumpkin Caramel smells good enough to eat!

The Vanilla Sugar Hand Soap is equally exceptional. I do like that Moroccan Argan oil is used in the making, as it’s great for the skin. I don’t get that soapy residue and the soap leaves a surprisingly soft note of vanilla mixed with that clean soapy scent on my hands.

My favorite of the products I received is the Holiday Trio – scents include Winter Pomegranate, Frosted Peppermint, and Bourbon Egg Nog. I am not a huge fan of Winter Pomegranate, probably because I am not a big fan of poms in general, but the Frosted Peppermint and Bourbon Egg Nog make up for that. I burned the Peppermint candle down a bit and was happy with the way it filled my kitchen with that Christmas-y scent of candy canes without smelling artificial or overpowering. I would imagine the other candles would be the same way. I also noticed the wax wasn’t super dry (it’s a soy wax), another indication of an ambiance created rather than just a candle being burned – the oily candles tend to create more airborne aromas which I DO like!


Jewelry! Ok, so I didn’t burn the candles down far enough to get those rings (yes, there is one in EACH candle), but I did get the one from the Aroma Beads and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Although not real it’s still a nice quality and beautifully sparkly. Jewels in the JewelScent products are anywhere from $10 to $7500. Higher value jewelry is actually represented by a gold coin, which is redeemed for a bauble $100 or more in value.

IMG_20141210_205151 (1)

You can also become a REP – if you love selling and love JewelScent it’s a great option!

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