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Life She Has

So I know you all know how I feel when I say I am insanely jealous of the ladies who read my blog/I read their blog who are in their IVF cycle. I am green with envy! Of course I wish you all the best of luck and I want to see all of those fabulous BFP blogs in the next 2-4 weeks ffrom you all. I want you ALL to succeed because it give me more hope that I will succeed…

I want to succeed sooo bad.

See, my IVF cycle was supposed to be last year. I was supposed to be happily pregnant right now. But God had other plans and decided to push it all back. Now the days seem to be going by so slowly and in the back (read – front) of my mind I wonder if there will be another obstacle that will push it back even more. It sucks. And I know each and every one of you have had those thoughts and know how I feel. I know you don’t take it as me being a bitch because I am jealous.

I want to give a very special shout out to my new blog buddy Lisa and congratulate her on her exciting news! I know each and every one of you will get that same news very soon. I hope to GOD I can join you!

I also want to give another shout to my dog Lucy who decided while I was at work yesterday to jump on the counter and pull down a 3 lb container of organic oatmeal. Which prompted me to sweep my kitchen. And she got some fiber. I will leave it at that.

One more thing, I need a name for my finger puppet business. “Lucy and Molly”? “Jelly Moons”? (ok, so if you anagram Molly Jones (black lab) it comes out “jelly moons”. We discovered this 2 years ago and she’s been “Jelly” ever since). “Lucy Goosey”? Or maybe I should leave the dogs out of it alltogether…

*Side note – DH said maybe “Lucy Fur” but that’s not very kid friendly… funny, but a little scary…

Life She Has

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