logoYou’ve probably seen the Zippysack commercials, or at least your kids have. I know mine did, because for a solid month all I heard was “Moooooommmm! Can I have a Zippysack???” I thought they were cute so I had in the back of my mind to get one for each of them.


Then life happened. I forgot. They forgot. Until we found out that Zippysack has officially licensed Spiderman as one of the blanket characters. My son is a Spiderman FANATIC. He just loves him. So much that he often wears his Spiderman mask and gloves everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE.

ZippySack is a fleece blanket that fits on a bed just like a fitted sheet. It stays in place and keeps kids warm all night. In the morning, just zip and flip and the bed is made in seconds!


When I put it on his bed it was pretty much like putting a sheet on – the corners are gathered and you slide them all on. It went on incredibly easily. My son and daughter were both eager to try it out and jumped on the top bunk saying “ohhh… ahhh…. so soft!” And reciting the words to the commercial (again) about how easy it was to make the bed in the morning. They hung out for what seemed like hours until dinner, baths and bedtime rolled around.


My son is one that doesn’t like heavy blankets (seriously, what’s wrong with this kid?). He will often kick them off in the night. But the Zippysack? It’s light fleece and (according to him) feels like “a hug”.

Luckily he also got something to hug – a cuddly Spiderman plush! He often uses it as a pillow because it’s so soft and squishy. It’s his new best friend. He also got a Spiderman hooded towel for superhero bathtime – now he no longer “has to” wear the mask (I told you he wore it all the time…)


You can buy the Spiderman goodies by Jay Franco on Amazon, and honestly? These three items would be perfection for a Christmas bundle gift… Click on the images below to buy each!

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