Josh and I went to class last night. We were late 🙁 I hit traffic while going to pick him up from work, hit traffic going downtown, then went to the wrong building. Luckily my nurse called me to find out where I was and told me the right building 🙂

My last class was only 4 couples, this one was an auditorium full of people. I was really surprised at that! I felt like I was back in college. They went through the process of IVF and everything. I say there listening, knowing and understanding what they were saying, then I had a sudden realization that every single woman in that room (except maybe the nurses and embryologist) knew what I was going through. They had days of crying, hope, and fear. They had each naively gone into TTC (like myself) and thought they would be pregnant within 6 months. They all had the realization that this wasn’t happening without help from a doctor. And there I was, sitting there with them. I wonder if anyone else felt that way? Even though we didn’t know eachother, we didn’t talk to eachother, there was that sort of bond, that understanding, the knowing looks.

The nurse started talking about statistics and bluntly said “I wish I could tell you that every one of you will get pregnant, but the truth is you aren’t.” It was a harsh reality to the hope that IVF gives us. It was difficult to hear, but needed to be said.

I start Lupron around July 6th. ER will be around July 28th. Transfer 5 days after that. I hope anyway…..