As I get *ahem* older, I have started developing a taste for the spicy. Which is funny because my mom says when I was little I would eat hot salsa with a smile on my red face. But in adolescence I was just not into spicy. At all. I couldn’t stand it. But now it seems that crave for hot has returned.

I discovered this awesome, SPICY new flavor brand – Tonguespank Spice Company


Tonguespank Spice Company is a Chicago company specializing in making boring food exciting! Come get your tongue spanked, and see what you think!

First, let’s talk about this packaging, which immediately drew me to the brand. I love the apothecary look of the bottles, like they are being displayed in a little New Orleans gem of a shop. I know, the company is based in Chicago, but the flavors really remind me of the Cajun grub I loved when I visited Louisiana a few years ago. The bottles look smashing displayed in a little tray or spice rack (not like those boring red and white ones we often see). 

The flavors. Oh Em Gee. DIVINE! I made some baked chicken breasts with Tonguespank Citrus Rum. It’s easy – All you need to do is preheat your oven to 355, place chicken breasts in a shallow baking pan, slather with a little bit of mayo, Miracle Whip or sour cream, and generously sprinkle Tonguespank on top. Bake for about 35 minutes and DONE! The cream cuts the heat just a little if it’s too much for you. OR you can dredge chicken breasts in milk, then a mix of flour and Tonguespank, then sprinkle more Tonguespank on top for more heat. Add a couple pats of butter to the top of each breast and you have a ton of flavor and heat in a juicy piece of chicken. 

DSC00257Tonguespank Spice Company recently completed a very successful Kickstarter campaign and is NOW available on their website for purchase. Flavors include:

  • Scorpion Bourbon
  • Citrus Rum
  • Wasabi Sake
  • Smoky Bourbon
  • Garlic Grappa

With more new flavors on the way! Find Tonguespank on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates, including sales and samples!


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