For some reason (haha) I have grown increasingly more emotional lately. Yeah I know it’s pg horomones, but I need to say that I feel like I have kept it pretty well together over the last 35+ weeks. I would have a little outburst maybe once every month or less often.

Now? Weekly. Almost daily. And not just getting annoyed. I mean full-blown tears and sadness and that sense of “woes me”.

Cue the violin.

In my defense, my back hasn’t stopped hurting since Christmas. It’s gotten so bad that I cry. It has more or less taken over anything I could possibly do during the day.

I woke up in a stressed out panic this morning and proceeded to make my husband feel bad.

What got me upset was Josh wanting to get a video game for our time in the hospital. It’s only $25 but I got to the point that I just started crying. Telling him that he won’t have much downtime in the hospital. Asking him why he feels like there’s going to be so much time where he will just sit around and do nothing.

Then it hit me. My birthday is next week. And he’s the one spending money on himself. In my mind he’s being selfish. But I know that I am dwelling on one thing. I know that he works hard and deserves a stupid video game.

I felt bad. I bought the damn game. I cried.

Earlier today my dog got some sort of contact allergy on her paws and she was licking them. It just grosses me out. And I felt bad because I yelled at her to stop licking her paws.

So I cried.

And that made her feel bad which made me feel worse. So I cried even harder.

I cried the other day because I lost my tweezers. My eyebrows are important to me and I can’t pluck them now.

When the dvr messed up my taping of American Idol last night I cried.

I couldn’t sleep last night because I felt like our room was stuffy and I couldn’t get out of bed to open the window.

You guessed it. I cried.

Looking at this post makes me feel like a flippin’ idiot.

Who cries over tweezers??