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The DreamHut is a multi-functional, in-door play space that conveniently converts into a modern, sleek armoire, storage space or child’s desk in a matter of seconds.  Perfect for the living room, family room or bedroom, the armoire easily expands outward, revealing a playroom with a chalkboard, magnetic walls, a folding table, windows, curtains and an interchangeable backdrop with four different Dreams or backgrounds: underwater adventure, fantasy, countryside and outer space. 

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It also features a designated shelf to hold a tablet, where children can download any of our four educational apps, Farm Frenzy, Kings and Castles, Operation Pluto! Help, or   on iTunes or Google Play. 

When playtime is over, the DreamHut can be easily transformed into a cabinet or desktop and can serve as a storage place for toys.  When closed, the armoire is more than 4 1⁄2 feet high and two feet wide.  But when opened, the DreamHut expands to nearly 6 feet in depth, giving kids enough space to play. 

Using nothing but the finest, environmentally sustainable materials, the DreamHut is a beautiful piece of furniture that converts easily into a playhouse in just seconds.  Perfect for the living room, bedroom or playroom, the DreamHut can be also used as an armoire, a desk or for storage – but more importantly – it’s unique design offers a fun play space where children can explore the limits of their imaginations!

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