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Now I know you probably have things laying around your house that you could do without. I know I do – I have plastic tubs FULL of just stuff in my garage. I have clothing that no longer fits hanging in my closet. Things that are still very nice and hardly worn or used. 

There’s an AWESOME site that will help you with getting your stuff to someone else while getting something for YOU – Swapdom! Swapdom is like trading your adorable BCBG top for a pair of super cute jeans, or that vase that reminds you of an old boyfriend for a frame for that pic of you and you NEW boyfriend. All traded in groups, the only thing you pay is shipping!

Here’s a smattering of new goodies so you can see how fun and cool it all is.

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Swapdom has clothing and kid’s stuff but now….

I am so excited to announce to my readers – Swapdom NOW features home goods!

So… How exactly does Swapdom work?

With Swapdom, you exchange in groups!

In traditional swaps, Megan might want something Alex has, but Alex isn’t interested in Megan’s items, so no swap is made. Alex does however, want something Doris has.
At Swapdom, we connect Megan to Alex to Doris and circle back to Megan, so everyone gets what they want.
All you have to do is tell us what you’d offer for your requested item and ship it off once we find a swap.
Couldn’t get any easier, really!

I just put 3 items up on Swapdom – three really cute things that I don’t want to just toss. I want someone else to get enjoying out of them. AND I get to get something in return. SCORE!

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Swapdom is totally innovative – I LOVE the idea of turning my unwanted items into something I can’t live without. TRY IT! When you upload your goodies and then VISIT ME on Swapdom so we can make a trade!!

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