Imagine my excitement when I opened my email to find a message that Paramount Pictures wanted me to come to New York City to visit the set of Clifford the Big Red Dog coming to theaters November 2020….

Now think about how thrilled I was that the invitation included my husband and kids… Yes, I was jumping up and down with excitement over it! A week later we were on a plane to the Big Apple to experience something not many others can say they’ve done. This was the second time my family had been to New York together and the first time my twins and husband got to be on a live movie set.

Clifford has been a classic in my family since the kids were babies. We loved reading about Emily Elizabeth and her adventures with her gigantic red dog Clifford. To find out that a live action film was coming is thrilling to my family. 

The set that we checked out was Emily’s New York apartment. I love how in movies and TV apartments in NYC are the size of my house, but in reality most are half that size. The kids were enamored with how it was all so different than how you see it on the big screen. The rooms had open ceilings for camera work, outside of the windows were fake facades of the city. Lights and equipment littered the set. The bathroom didn’t have a wall!

While we were there we got to watch a scene get filmed with actors Jack Whitehall and Darby Camp (Uncle Casey and Emily Elizabeth). I can’t tell you what the scene was just yet but it was fun to watch and gave us a feel for the mood of the film. We also got to meet and talk with Jack & Darby as well as Isaac Wang who plays Emily’s best friend Owen in the film. They were absolutely delightful but more on our chats later! We also got to speak with producer Jordan Kerner who offered a lot of great information on how the film came into production and what to expect. Stay tuned for details!

All in all the set visit was like a dream. I loved how interested Dylan and Riley were in everything. Dylan had an in-depth conversation with a sound technician who explained every aspect of how sound works. Riley left asking to take acting lessons and telling me she wants to be just like Darby Camp. I know it was an experience they will never forget and when we see the movie next November they will be so excited to know that they were there.

Clifford the Big Red Dog is scheduled for theaters November 13 2020

Man’s best friend becomes his biggest one too as everyone’s favorite 25-foot-tall pup, “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” comes to the big screen in an all-new, live-action/animated comedy-adventure. Scholastic Media’s Deborah Forte will produce the film that is based on Scholastic’s best-selling book series by Norman Bridwell that has entertained families for generations.