Everalbum Cloud Storage

So I take a lot of photos. A LOT. Many of them I put on Facebook, some I even print out and frame (ok, that’s a pretty rare thing)… But most end up on my computer hard drive and stay in my camera or on my phone. The scary thing is that if I lose or break any of these items my photos are toast. YIKES!! I have lost more than one photo before because of this. Photos I will never get back. It makes me so sad!


I was introduced to this amazing service – Everalbum. Everalbum is an online storage and organization system for all of those pictures you aren’t sure where to put. And it does it all without you having to really think about it. I know, right?

Get FREE Storage for 2500 Photos (No CC needed)

Everalbum is a cloud-based service so it backs up all of the photos on your device into your own private cloud. Everalbum does not store the full-resolution photos in your account on your phone. That is why once Everalbum has backed up all of the photos, you can delete them from your camera roll and save tons of space on your phone!

When I plug my media card into my laptop, Everalbum automatically uploads every picture on there without me having to make one click of the mouse. There’s a little icon in my toolbar that I can click on and go right to my secure account on their site without having to log in 100 times. Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 5.38.11 PM


I can also use my iPhone app and upload, share and more!

photo (1)

The photos show up in flipbooks and albums, organized by the upload day and datestamp. From there you can go through and make notes, download, edit photos, and even share them. All incredibly easily too!

Best of all? Everalbum is free for the first 2500 photos. FULL RESOLUTION photos. After that you get more memory in their cloud for $7.99 a month or $79/year (20% savings). That’s 2 cups of coffee. That’s all it costs for some peace of mind and security in knowing that your photos are there when you want them and won’t get lost when you drop your phone or your child decides to crack your camera media card in half. Yes. It’s happened to me. 

Get FREE Storage for 2500 Photos (No CC needed)

*This post was sponsored by Everalbum, however opinions expressed are 100% my own.