From the makers of baublet!
HowBigNow, solving the age old problem of knowing the clothing sizes & favorite brands of everyone.
Parents can post their sizes and can allow private, authorized relatives and/or friends the ability to follow your family.
Find out…HowBigNow?

Benefits for Parents:
• It’s Free!!
• Sizes are always correct.
• Brands are always right.
• Kids get what they want.
• Easy to change sizes.
• No waiting in exchange lines. .
• Update Reminders.
• You control who sees your information.
• Customizable Favorites
Benefits for Relatives & Friends:
• It’s Free
• No more “….it was the wrong size”.
• Easy Web or iPhone app Access.
• Keep up to date with changing favorites.
• Maps to Local Stores
• E- Commerce Links
• iPhone app & Website are FREE.
• One click reminders
I just downloaded HowBigNow to my iPhone. It is so cool! I love that I can list and change Dylan and Riley’s sizes and preferences and I won’t get a billion emails and phonecalls asking what size they are wearing now. And since their birthday is coming up *soon* this app will be especially helpful!
One thing I REALLY love about this app is that I don’t have to edit all of the information on my tiny iPhone screen. I can log on to and quickly edit and add things and it will show up immediately.
HowBigNow is offering an AMAZING promotion too!
Simply download the app (FREE!), try it out, rate and post a quickie review and you will be sent a $15 gift certificate for Baublet! Have you ever seen Baublet? See my past review HERE – gorgeous and personalized jewelry and charms!
To review an app, simply download the app from the App Store, try it out, then go back to the app in the App Store and scroll all the way down. You will see a button that says ratings. Click this button to submit a rating and a review! and be sure to tell your friends!

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