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Got kids? Then you have probably come across this pesky problem – Play-doh (or clay) stomped into your carpet. Before you decide to either live with it, pull the carpet up, or pull your hair out – I have an EASY solution for you!

You will need:

  • a fork
  • washcloth dipped in soapy water
  • vacuum or dustbuster

If you find the Play-doh still fresh you might be able to get some up with another piece of Play-doh, but I haven’t had luck with this. Let it dry (usually overnight).

Push the tines of the fork underneath the dried Play-doh and pull up from one side to another. This will take most of it (if not all) up. If it breaks apart or leaves pieces you can continue to pull it up the same way with the fork, or you can rub the fork back and forth which will pull up all of those little crumbs. Vacuum any strays up. If there are tiny pieces left that you can’t get up then rub the soapy washcloth across until it’s all up.


Easy, right?

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