Many people have asked me how I get formula at a huge discount, so I wanted to share some tips and tricks!
There are several baby formula companies out there. The big ones are Similac, Enfamil, and Gerber/Nestle. But there are also store brand formulas.
The difference?
While there are some minor differences in whey ratios and taste/texture, nutritionally there is NO DIFFERENCE. ALL Baby formulas must meet FDA requirements under the Infant Formula Act. Whether you are feeding your baby Enfamil or Target Up&Up, they are getting the nutrition they need. Deciding on what is best for your baby should be discussed with your pediatrician.
The following store brands are made by the same manufacturer, PBM:
  • Babies R Us
  • Parent’s Choice (Wal-Mart)
  • Target
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walgreens
  • Kroger
  • …probably more (check your label)
The only difference in these formulas are the labels. Next time you are in need of some formula keep that in mind and compare prices!
My babies both started on Similac. It was just easier to keep them on the same formula and Similac was a brand that I had seen and talked about with my pediatrician. But now? They are officially on Babies R Us store brand. I started them on this at around 5 months old after asking my pediatrician. But no matter what formula you use, you CAN get it for less or even free:
1. Sign up for the programs provided by Similac, Enfamil, and Gerber. You will get a wealth of coupons and specials. I recommend calling and talking with a live person, usually if you ask they will send out an extra packet of coupons and even some cans or bottles of formula. I have called Similac in the past when Dylan had tummy troubles to ask what they thought the best formula was, they sent me 2 cans of Alimentum to try (about $50 worth). You can always call and ask for coupons and most of the time you will get them. The phone numbers for these companies are:
Similac Strong Moms (800) 986-8800
Gerber Generation (800) 284-9488
You will also start getting vouchers which work like checks at your grocery store that look like this:
The nice thing about these? Since they are checks they aren’t run as coupons. Meaning you can combine it with a mfr coupon for extra savings! I have read and re-read the fine print and cannot find anything that says you cannot. Thse checks can be worth anywhere from $3-$20 and do have an expiration date.
I have found that these checks stop rather abruptly at about 6 months, so keep that in mind! Contact the companies again to make sure you are still registered.
  •  Ask your pediatrician for samples. They get loads and loads of it and are happy to dole them out as to not let them expire. Ask if you can periodically stop by to pick some up too – often they will say yes (depends on the doctor though!).
  •  Also – Ask your pediatrician about any “welcome” gifts from formula suppliers. I have received two cases of formula from each Similac and Enfamil by asking about this. Some pediatricians will know exactly what you are talking about, but since not a lot of people know about this freebie some may not. If that’s the case then ask for the contact information of the Similac & Enfamil reps. If they don’t know that then call the company directly and ask.
  • Store deals! Toys R Us/Babies R Us almost always have a deal where you buy 2 cans/bottles/boxes of the same formula and get a TRU gift card, usually $5 per 2. The nice thing is you can combine this with coupon and check deals and score some really inexpensive formulas. Then just keep rotating the gift card (it takes 6 hours to activate). PLUS if you want to stock up and say, buy 4 cans you will get a gift card for double the value (“buy 2, get $5, buy 4, get $10, and so on). No splitting transactions!!
  • Store Brands – generally WAY less expensive than the big 3. And like I said, nutritionally the same. You can often find coupons in the form of printables directly from the store’s site (Target for instance), flyers mailed to your home, or peelies.
  • offers Subcribe & Save on just a few formulas. You could work it to free or cheap if you used S&S and promo codes, including the $10 off baby codes.
  • See if you qualify for WIC in your area.
For me? My twins were on on Babies R Us brand. I generally buy 2 or 4 at a time. BRU will sometimes have a $5 off peelie on or under the lid of the can of their formula. I combine these with my gift card from the previous visit. Here’s a scenario with 2 cans:
2 cans BRU 23.4oz = $25.98 ($12.99 each)
2 – $5/1 peelies = $15.98 ( $7.99 each)
USE $5 GC from previous purchase
My Total OOP = $10.98
PLUS I usually get another $5 GC to use next time! And if you use your Toys R Us Rewards card you can earn a free can for every 9 you purchase!
How do you save on baby formula?
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