How do I put this… (TMI)

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Ok, so I think I may be the only one of my blogger friends that hadn’t “done the deed” since Riley and Dylan were born. It was weird. We hadn’t since last November (gasp!) just because it was weird and uncomfortable and just… weird. then after the babies were born we obviously had to wait 6 weeks, then we just… waited…

I didn’t want to turn into roommates after the babies were born. I wanted to get back in the saddle, so to speak, but there was never a *right* time to. Either he wasn’t into it or I wasn’t into it, we were tired, one or both of us felt gross, etc. But thankfully, the dry spell is officially over…

However… I stopped taking birth control because it made me moody. Whoops.

He knew I wasn’t on it anymore. I mean, what are the odds I could get pregnant naturally?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Life She Has


  1. Wait a second…. this post makes it sound like you might actually have gotten pregnant…

    DH and I have only done it twice since Noah was born, and he’s 5 1/2 months. But we were doing it almost every day in the few weeks before he was born, trying to make me go into labor. I guess that made up for only doing it like 3 times during the entire rest of my pregnancy. I’m with you – it was just awkward and weird.

  2. Are you pregnant?!?! That would be so awesome. Secondly, I HATED…and I mean HATED sex when I was pregnant and it took me a good year to really get back in the swing of things and feel like more than a mom. I mean we totally had sex but more often than not we slept…of course D didn’t sleep for 16 months after he was born, so that had a lot to do with it.

  3. glad you guys are getting back to the natural rhythm of things! it isn’t always easy to navigate once kids enter the picture..hehe

    oh, and i think odds are really good that you could be pg naturally. pretty much everyone i know who had to use fertility experts the first time didn’t have any problems after that…sometimes it just takes jump starting your body..haha you are so going to turn into mom now..LOL

    love you!!!


  4. I hear you about the "what ifs". We’ve only had sex twice and there’s like a .5% chance that we could ever get pregnant naturally, PLUS I haven’t even started cycling again because I’m exclusively BFing, but both of those times we had sex I secretly hoped we could miraculously end up pregnant. I’m insane.

    November to the end of August is a really really long time to not have sex. Your poor DH! lol (Frankly, I could go that long no problem, but men are more "charged" as we all know…)

  5. Girl…we didn’t even wait the 6 weeks…I was like…4weeks and 3 days…CLOSE ENOUGH! Lol. I think I’m a little crazy though.

    Oh and yeah…I always kinda *hope* that I’ll get preggo on my own…even though we’d be totally crazy to have another kid right this second…but I know you probably feel the same way a little…because after you meet those two little miracles…why wouldn’t you want to make a couple more??? *wink* Have fun girl…glad things got "normal" again! :o)

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