Being a parent, I love nothing more than products that make my life easier, I mean who doesn’t?! One thing that is stressful is when it is time to brush my children’s teeth. It is literally, well, like pulling teeth. Whenever I can find products, especially that are cute and fun, I jump up and down for joy. I walk in with finger’s crossed and hoping the kids will love them too. I recently had the opportunity to work with Plackers, and they exceeded my expectation and beyond.


Plackers has been helping families, both children and parents, keep their teeth clean and healthy since nearly 40 years ago. Plackers offers a wide array of flossers that are sure to fit whatever your needs are, as well as several other oral care products. Did you know that dentist recommends that as soon as your child has two teeth that are touching they you should start flossing them daily and establish a daily flossing routine? Daily flossing not only helps reduce tooth decay but it also helps promote healthier gums.


I received two fun products and I could not wait to share them with my kid’s. The first product we received was the Kids Flossers. Let me first start out by saying how adorable these are. They come in bright fun colors with a fruit smoothie swirl taste. The Flossers were specifically designed with parents in mind, which is awesome. The design  is made with dual grip, making it easier for little ones to grab ahold of them. They are also angled to reach the harder to reach teeth. Last but not least the hi-tech floss is so hi-tech that it will not stretch, shred, or break and includes fluoride. How amazing?! They are available in a 75 count bag.


The second product I received it the cutest thing ever. He is the Flosser Friend. A cute little monkey that holds all of your Flossers and keeps them safe and sound. The Flosser Friend sits perfectly on the sink or in the hutch in your bathroom and is very easy for kids to open on their own and pick out the perfect Flosser. If I had one of these when I was younger, I might have been more willing to floss my teeth as well. The Flosser Friend is available for $5.99.


When I took the twins for their bi-annual checkup to the dentist, I was met with two opposite scenarios… Riley had no cavities, no gum issues, and the perfect picture of dental health. Dylan was opposite – his mouth is a little smaller and teeth are a little bigger and touching closer in the back, so he had the very beginnings of 4 cavities. The dental hygienist introduced them to Plackers Flossers and ever since then my little ones have been flossing religiously once a day. I am quite sure that their next appointment in August will show better dental health for them both. Plackers is not only easy for them to use, but also so much fun with the Flosser Friend to remind them to floss every day.


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* I partnered with Plackers on this post and important subject and received compensation. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.