So my new obsession on my iPad is that game “Draw Something”.. Have you heard of it? It’s like Pictionary but BETTER 🙂 Download it, it’s fun!

But there is no way I can play without my Stylus! I found some for you all here – Get a Stylus for $1.57 shipped – or buy 3 for $1.14 each shipped!! There are plenty more on the site – just look for “stylus” and the make of your phone or tablet and you will find them! My fave thing about this one is that it snaps into the headphone plug (no lost pens, at least not lost as fast 🙂 )

Here’s two of my favorite Draw Something drawings I did with my stylus – there’s no WAY I’d be able to do these without one!


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  1. If you want one that might be a little easier to hold (but still pretty cheap), check out I forgot what the code is but you’ll see there’s a way to get a coupon code on the site and get the whole thing for $4.99 and free shipping. Happy drawing!!

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