HOT – Possible FREE Full-Size Philosophy Product!!

Life She Has

Philosophy just posted this great opportunity on their facebook page!

exclusively for our facebook fans: we are seeking reviewers of a new philosophy fragrance. simply fill out our survey, so we can get to know you. then, we will choose 100 fans to receive a full-size sample. the survey will close 8/20 at 9 a.m. (az time)

Let me know if you are chosen!!


Thanks Wheel’n Deal Mama

Life She Has

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  1. philosophy products are the only product that my family and friends use. the different fragrances are just fantastic, the smell is just heavenly. these are products not just for women but men love them too. please readers, give them a chance, go out and nuy philosophy, you will be very happy withe the results. thanks, for listening.

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