Who says you can’t wear funny T-shirts when your older?!?! I spent 20 years dressing for work and not for ME… but now that I am 37 year old mom (gasp!) I have found a new love for T-shirts with crazy photos, nostalgic images, funny sayings, etc. And zombies. 😉

Not me, but I LOVE this tee!

SnorgTees got its start back in May 2004 when our group of friends decided that we weren’t meant for a real job. We got our options narrowed down to international jewel thieves or internet t-shirt tycoons. Since it was the middle of the summer, we weren’t able to find enough ski masks, which left t-shirts as our only option. Fast forward a few years and we’ve grown to the point where people mistake us for an actual business. We’ve even shipped a shirt to NASA. That means space. So technically we’re a universal company. But we are still just a group of friends who run Snorg because we enjoy it.

Here at Snorg, we specialize in pop-culture inspired, random, and all around funny t-shirt designs. Most of the designs on our site are SnorgTees employee creations. But while we think of about 72% of what goes up on the site, 28% of the awesome design ideas come from you, our customers. So if you think you’ve got a great idea, send it our way.

Here are a 2 more tees I’d love to own…

Back in My Day $19.95

Oooh Burn $19.95

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