It’s Princess and Ponies Magic Fun Dough Playset from RoseArt! My kids love playing with dough and clay, and my daughter of course adores princesses – this is a great gift for the holiday season! Retails for just $14.99!

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No castle is complete without a beautiful princess and her ponies. So get ready to grab your magic fun dough, apply the fun transfers using the Magic Water Pen, peel, reveal, cut & play—and create your own princess castle—full of majestic, pretty ponies! And when you’re done, guess what? You get to do it all over again! With easily reusable Magic Fun Dough, the fun never stops—simply squash, mash, or roll, and watch as the transfers magically disappear back into the dough. It’s non-stop fun! Bring your dough to life with full color art! Magic Fun Dough! It’s the dough with more ways to play!

Key features:

  • Rolling Pin to roll out the dough

  • Plastic Knife to trim off excess dough

  • 35 Magic Transfers that’ll transform your dough into full color art!

  • Magic Transfer Water Pen & Magic Transfer Press—say “press-to” with the transfer press and magic wand-like pen—and bring your designs to life

  • 4 Dough Cutters & 5 Display Stands—cut your dough then put it on full display!

  • 4 Magic Fun Dough Tubs (3oz. per tub)

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I was provided compensation and the product to review in exchange for my video and post.