Fashion retailer H&M will begin a HUGE clothing recycling initiative starting February 2013. You will be able to bring in you old clothes in exchange for credit and discounts at the huge fashion retailer.

“Every year, tons of textiles are thrown out with domestic waste and end up in landfill. As much as 95% of these clothes could be used again; re-worn, reused or recycled — depending on the state of the garment,” H&M said. The retailer said its long-term goal is to “reduce the environmental impact of garments throughout the lifecycle.”


What will they do with your old tees, pants, and pajamas? They will recycle them into new clothing – H&M is partnering with recycling company I:Collect, which will take the clothes to a sorting facility in Germany. There, the clothes will either be separated for re-use as apparel or sent on its way for a second life as rags, stuffing, padding and other purposes.


So don’t throw out that bag of old clothes just yet – it could mean more shopping money and savings to you in a couple of short months.

Thanks to LA Times 

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