I am getting an awesomely fun pain which I never thought of. My left hip is killing me…

I try to sleep on my left side because I heard that it give better blood flow to the babies. Or something like that. And anything I can do to keep my babies healthy and comfortable I will do in a heartbeat.

Apparently it is caused by the hormones relaxing and softening the joints and muscles so that the hips can widen for childbirth. I wish I could tell my body I’m having a c-section and to not waste time giving me child-bearing hips.

Also, I think I angered my hip by doing a little housework. I have a loft room upstairs which I am considering making the nursery that has four items in it – a chest of drawers, a dog kennel, a small storage ottoman, and a big screen tv. It would be a “real” room however the cable needs to be rewired to accommodate the tv. Or we need to sell the damn thing. So now it is the place the dogs hang out when we leave and can’t take them with us. Hence the kennel. I don’t know what to tell you about the ottoman….

Anyway, I went upstairs to vacuum, which required me to roll the tv into a corner. I also vacuumed the staircase. After I was finished I could barely walk on my hip. Cool….

On the upside of today, I got a notification that my crib will be delivered on Wednesday 🙂 I also ordered these from babysteals.com:

For those of you who don’t know what they are, they are called “Babylegs NoSox”. They are like legwarmers/arm warmers for babies. the kiddos can grow into them too! Find out more at http://www.babylegs.com/. My favorites are the black pirate ones and the blue ones on the top row. they have apples on them 🙂 I got a killer deal on them, too. All 10 pair for $49, normally $12 each! If you haven’t gone to www.babysteals.com you need to. They put up a heavily discounted deal every morning at 8am PST sharp. They also have sister sites www.kidsteals.com and www.craftsteals.com.

I can’t wait to put these on my babies!