Riley has a thing for kitties. Every time she sees a toy, a picture, ANYTHING related to cats she goes wild. She even tries to carry our cat Dexter around the house. Dexter doesn’t usually approve of that activity. Riley was super excited when I had a surprise for her – Hide Away Pets Persian Kitten!


Hide Away Pets are irresistible, super-soft, transformable plush animals that snap open to play, and when it’s time for bed or a nap, they curl up and hide away. So what do you get with a HideAway Pet? The cuddliest companion and perfect pillow in one. Kids can collect them all!

Riley often uses her Hide Away Pet as a pillow, or curls it up and plays toss with her brother. She seems to really enjoy it and the cuddliness it gives.


hideawayWhile I do love that she loves it, I do find that the snap to roll it up can be a bit cumbersome. The fur gets in the way of it and so it take a couple of tries to get it rolled up and closed. I kind of wish that the snap was instead some velcro or another easier closure, because Riley (4 years old) can’t really close it by herself, so she brings it to me or daddy close it. The good thing is once it’s closed it won’t pop open unless you pull it.


Hide Away Pets are arriving at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, and Kmart stores nationwide – I would recommend getting one in the stores to save on shipping. Be sure to check out HideAway Pets on Facebook and Twitter!