The Pet Vet Clinic from Lakeshore Learningpet vet clinic

When play animals need care, the Pet Vet is there! Our kit has everything a good vet needs—including bandages, a thermometer, stethoscope…even office supplies like signs and forms! Comes with a 14″ carrier. Pets sold separately.

My daughter – who’s 4 years old – constantly goes on about wanting to become an “animal doctor”. So much so that she HAS TO go to the vet with me whenever I have to bring one of our animals there. Recently we acquired an adorable tortoiseshell kitten whom we named Cersei (reference to a book character), and since Cersei has come into our lives Riley has been her little caretaker.

So it seemed only natural that she get a super cool Pet Vet Clinic!

The Pet Vet Clinic comes with:

  • Vet supplies such as a stethoscope, tweezers, syringe, sponge, eye dropper, brush, and more
  • REAL first aid supplies like bandages, cotton balls, and swabs with containers for it all
  • Office supplies – notepad, clip board, office signs
  • Small scale to weigh the patient
  • Pet carrier to hold it all!
  • Animals sold separately



Riley got right to work being the vet and taking care of her Kitty. Kitty has seen better days, so she needed a little TLC..


After Kitty was taken care of, Riley went on to care for another cat toy she has (and loves), aptly named “Nother One Kitty”..


Oh no, Nother One Kitty has a boo-boo!


A little cleaning and a shot…


Nother One Kitty is feeling MUCH better!


Since Riley was able to practice, our kitten Cersei bravely “volunteered” to be the next patient. Riley checked her heartbeat and made sure she was healthy!

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