The Trash Wheels Junkyard Play Set is the only place to wreck and repair the Trash Wheels. Whether they need a new engine or are ready to go to the scrap heap, the Junk Yard is the place to go. Pick up your Trash Wheels with the claw lift and crush them in the crusher and watch your Trash Wheelie become a piece of scrap metal. There’s even a scrap yard storage area where you can store all of your Trash Wheels for safekeeping. This putrid playset also comes with two exclusive Trash Wheel Vehicles. Wreck and repair your trash wheels with the Junk Yard Playset!

My son LOVES cars and loves wrecking things. What little boy doesn’t? Which is why I KNOW he will love the Trash Wheels Junkyard Play Set – set it up and wreck it! The whole set looks super cool. I will be sure to let you all know how much my son loves it when he gets it Christmas morning.

615nsISj2XLThe Trash Wheels Junk Yard is available anywhere toys are sold, including Amazon!