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The Springfield Collection® is a fashionable line of 18-inch dolls, clothing and accessories, and furniture. Our dedicated creative design team carefully sketches out their fashion ideas, selects quality and on-trend fabrics and materials, and works hard to make their vision come alive for girls everywhere. Through our products and the interactive play offered online at www.SFStyleClub.com, we encourage girls to form a special relationship with the dolls and to create fun and magical moments together. We are committed to providing an unforgettable experience for each child while ensuring our brand is accessible and available to all. Our mission with Springfield Collection® products is to provide girls with fashion, fun and friendship.


Riley is very into dolls – she loves being the nurturing mommy to her babies, she tucks them in, feeds them, and changes them. She has been eyeing the 18 inch dolls (like American Girl Dolls), so I am very excited to be able to give her Olivia from Springfield Doll Collection!

Springfield Dolls Olivia

Olivia is one of the Springfield Collection Dolls® and has a soft, huggable body, with long, silky, red hair for styling. She’s an 18-inch doll with a soft cloth body and a smooth vinyl head and limbs. Her long-lashed, sparkling, lifelike green eyes open and close, and she’s posable with jointed arms and legs for hours of play and pretend!

Springfield Doll Olivia

She’s so pretty! Her long ginger red hair is easy to brush and style, she has “sleepy eyes” that close when she lays down, and her clothing is interchangeable with American Girl dolls and other 18″ dolls.


At $21.99 MSRP, the Springfield Dolls won’t break the bank. Their clothing starts at just $5.99 too! So even if you have an American Girl doll you can buy the Springfield Doll clothing and save some money!



Be sure to look for Springfield Dolls at Michael’s Crafts and online at the Springfield Doll Shop!