Skwooshi™ is the cool new compound that stretches, molds, and shapes into amazing detail with no mess and will never dry out. Skwooshi comes in 10 fun colors and is available now in a toy store near you. Make sure to join the fun on Facebook  for exclusive Skwooshi giveaways!

 I was introduced to Skwooshi in Chicago last year while I was there for BlogHer 2013. I picked up a small packet from a table with bright colored lettering, thinking “what the heck is this, clay?”… I was so wrong. Skwooshi is so much more than just clay.

The rest of the trip I played with my little ball of Skwooshi – rolling it, pulling it apart, molding it into different shapes. This stuff is AWESOME. It acts like a solid, liquid, and sand. Pull it apart and it drips down,roll it into a ball and it’s moldable and pliable. And unlike other compounds it doesn’t dry out OR stick to things like carpet. Do you even KNOW how many times I have pried dried clay from carpet? Skwooshi is such a cool product – a MUST for kids (and adults too!).



It comes in 10 fun colors (so get them ALL).


Find Skwooshi at Toys’r’us, Walmart, and Amazon, along with most toy stores! 

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