Meet The Sea Squad: Flipper the anglerfish, Dipper the octopus, Chomper the shark, and Bob the clam. Their googly eyes, vivid colors, and hilarious expressions will inspire all sorts of creative play in an instant. Children will flip over these silly creatures from the sea as they dive into worlds of dramatic play, while developing communication skills and practicing real and imaginary dialogue!



Pretend play and puppet shows become a splash with these comical marine friends and story time is transformed into an adventure. Our kid-approved, patent-pending design marries an easy-glide child-sized thumb lever and a chunky, secondary knob, giving kids (and adults who need a good giggle) two ways to articulate each puppet’s mouth. Built to last through many childhoods, each puppet’s soft-touch molded body reinforce our hallmark Educational Insights quality standard. Take a swim with The Sea Squad! Grades Pre-K+


With the popularity of shows like Octonauts and of course Shark Week, aquatic toys are very popular in our home. The Sea Squad Puppets will be a very welcome gift under the tree on Christmas morning! I love that they encourage pretend play – they are so much FUN! MSRP is $39.99 (you can also purchase each puppet separately).