Welcome to the Toxic Race in the Monsters University annual Scare Games! Ready, set, Go! The Toxic Race Play Set lets you race solo and against a friend! Race any 2 Roll-A-Scare characters down the track. But watch out! The Glowing Urchin tunnel will stop you dead in your tracks! Be the first one to cross the “monsterized” finish line and your character will spring open to win the Scare Games! Inside you’ll discover an exclusive Roll-A-Scare Sulley character you can’t find anywhere else. Help Oozma Kappa win the annual Scare Games with the Monsters University Toxic Race Play Set!


This looks like so much fun! I can’t wait for Dylan to open it on Christmas morning (yep, it’s a gift). This set retails for $19.99 and is for ages 3 and up!

  • Compete in the Monsters University Scare Games with the fast-action Toxic Race Play Set!
  • Race solo or with two Roll-A-Scare Monsters! Be the First to cross the ?monsterized-Inch finish line and you?ve won the event!
  • Watch out for the Glowing Urchin Tunnel! Urchins will stop you dead in your tracks and prevent you from winning the race!
  • Inside the Play Set you?ll discover an Exclusive Monsters University Roll-A-Scare Sulley Character!
  • Includes: 1 Toxic Race Play Set, 1 Exclusive Roll A Scare Sulley Monster