Being the early riser I am, I need my coffee. Absolutely REQUIRE it. Otherwise I am a complete beast. Magnum Coffee knew this and sent me a collection of amazing coffee to try out. 


A taste of the exotic doesn’t just happen. It begins by selecting the finest Arabica coffee beans from the premier coffee growing estates and regions around the world. It’s created with care and attention to detail every step of the way.

Now I am not going to say I am a coffee SNOB, but I will say I prefer the specialty blends over the cheap stuff. I once made the mistake of buying a store brand because it was on sale. That can (yes CAN) sat in my cupboards for nearly a year until I had to toss it. Actually I tossed it into my garden – plants don’t care about cheap coffee, right?

Magnum Coffee will NOT go into my garden until the grounds have been percolated. No way, this coffee is too good. Right now I am sipping on a fresh Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend, which is a light-medium roast. It’s so… breathy? Is that a word? It’s like delicious little coffee clouds dancing around on my tongue. No bitterness. Just deliciousness… It’s my early morning serenity… I also have to say, although I am usually not a Kona Blend person, I have to make an exception for Magnum Coffee’s variety. It’s flawless.


Want to try some for yourself? Or give the coffee oficionado in your life a delicious and thoughtful gift? Head over to Magnum’s Company Store – and order some. I would HIGHLY recommend it!

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