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The only lip gloss with light and mirror that is packaged in someone else’s junk! Over 8 colors to select from, libgarb gloss and lipgarb stick! A site dedicated to big dreamers and those who like color outside the lines. Home of lipgarb light up lipgloss and lipgarb light up lipstick.


I was sent some pretty fabulous colors from lipgarb – including Haylee Bomb and Kiss me Kyle, my two new favorite glosses! The formula is fabulous – not sticky and great staying power. Seriously!

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The bonus of having a light-up applicator and a mirror on the tube makes lipgarb a pretty awesome BFF gift – especially if you go to night clubs and parties. No waiting for a mirror to be available to check your lipstick – you are covered. The products come in recycled containers jazzed up with fun colors.


You can order lipgarb online from their site – and you should! It’s a nice gloss! lipgarb also carries lipsalve and skrub for silky soft lips, nailgarb, and bodygarb! Prices start at just $4!

bodygarb Holiday Bag just $25!


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