Our all natural soy candles are offered in two sizes, the large candle with our signature double wick and the mini votive. Each candle is hand crafted and mindfully packaged in recycled materials, printed with soy inks and hand stamped—the ultimate gift for someone or yourself. Matchboxes included!

In tribute to Founders Lynn Manley and her daughter Laura Cler’s Swedish family lineage, the name Linnea’s Lights® comes from the Swedish word Linnea, from which Lynn’s name originated. Linnea, which also refers to the national flower of Sweden, has been in their family for five generations.

 One thing that definitely gets me into a different mood is a scent. The scent of coffee wakes me up in the morning, the scent of roses reminds me of my wedding, and the scent of play-doh makes me think of my adorable children. When it comes to the holiday season, a scent is the first thing to get me into that festive mood. 

Linnea’s Lights was introduced to me with an exquisite candle called Holiday Spice.

IMG_1082This candle is ahhhh-mazing. Hand-poured soy, perfectly clean scents layered so that they dance and play around the room. Spend your winter nights tucked beside the glow of this warm, regal blend of pomegranate, tart cranberry, spicy clove with a touch of warm cinnamon & white spices.

IMG_1083Linnea’s Lights has several signature scents – from Belgian Linen to Lemon Verbena and Sea Salt. A fragrance for every mood!

I want to stress that these candles have a CLEAN and PURE scent. I have had some candles that you just know there are some artificial scents in there. Usually with those all I can smell are the chemicals used to make the candles. But Linnea’s Lights is different. So worth it. 

You can find Linnea’s Lights at several online retailers, like Orange and Pear (one of my all-time favorite shopping sites) and ABC Home, as well as a shop near you.

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