Welcome to the furry world of Fur Real Friends pets, where a girl’s dream of owning her very own pet comes true. These kittens, puppies, bunnies, bears and other soft, cuddly animals seem to come to life before your eyes. These adorable pets need your love and care, and will respond to your touch or motion. Whether it’s a pet with sweet sounds, realistic movements, or silly responses, these precious pets will show you just how much they love to play with you. And with so many adorable animals, every little girl is sure to find a Fur Real Friends favorite. Fur Real Friends is a trademark of Hasbro.


Riley absolutely LOVES cats. She often pretends she’s a kitty cat and meows at me! She will snuggle with out cat Dexter (whether he likes it or not!). 

She saw FurReal Friends Plays-With-Me Daisy at our local Fred Meyer and was SMITTEN with this kitten. Daisy plays with your child – jumping up, pawing at her kitty toy, and she meows and purrs. She has all of the good attributes of a real cat without the food, litter box, or claws! Riley is getting Daisy Christmas morning and I know will be so happy with her!

You can find Fur Real Friends Plays-With-Me Daisy anywhere toys are sold, including Toys’r’us, Target,  Walmart, and Amazon! For more info on FurReal Friends head over to the official website HERE!