Flutterbye Flying Fairy

The Magical World of Flutterbye Flying Fairies

Welcome to the enchanting world of Flutterbye Fairies. A Flutterbye Fairy has chosen you to help her fly. Discover the real magic of fairies as she glides and dances through the air. Only the magical world of Flutterbye Fairies can turn a young girl’s dream into a reality.

The Magic is in Your Hand

Every Flutterbye Fairy puts the magic in your hands. Guide them using only your hand as they gracefully dance across the sky. Each fairy will magically rise as you lift your hand and help her fly. It’s a truly enchanting experience magically created by you.

Every Fairy has her Home

When not gracefully fluttering her wings, your Flutterbye Fairy will take rest on her display stand. Simply press down on the button on the front of her stand to start creating magic together again.


  • Ages 5 to 9

  • Requires 6 AA batteries

  • Includes one Flutterbye Flying Fairy, one Base, and one Instruction Guide

flutterbye flying fairy


Flutterbye Flying Fairy is on many top ten gift guides this year – it’s a super fun toy! Just remember to charge up the fairy on the base (base uses 6 AA batteries, not included) before Christmas morning so that she can be played with right away. For ages 5 and up. Find her anywhere toys are sold or on Amazon.com!