Fairy Tale High Fashion Dolls

Once upon a time, before they fell in love and lived happily ever after, they were teenagers. Enter the magical world of Fairy Tale High

What would it have been like to take biology with Belle or art with Alice in Wonderland? Were Cinderella and Little Mermaid songbirds, even back in high school? Run track with Tinker Bell, eat lunch with Snow White, rehearse with Rapunzel for the big talent show or try to wake Sleeping Beauty from her daily desk naps at Fairy Tale High.

Typical teenagers… living life and loving fashion, fun and friendships… long before they even knew they would be princesses.

Anyone who knows me knows I love dolls and fairy tales. So naturally the Fairy Tale High doll line is right up my alley. I received the adorable Sleeping Beauty and darling Snow White:

51EJ0IVUmSL._SL1500_ I gotta say – I love their clothes. I totally want Sleeping Beauty’s outfit. If I was 50 lbs lighter that is! Fairy Tale High dolls are all fully articulated so that you can pose them in a variety of different ways, great for playtime or display.  Teen Snow White doll features her classic red hair bow, ruby red lips, a super-cool red bracelet and fun color-streaked hair. Teen Sleeping Beauty doll features her iconic tiara, trendy pink bracelets and fun streaked hair colors. MSRP $19.99, Ages 3+

Be sure to head over to http://fairytalehigh.com to check out the webisodes and games available!

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