Mobi instantly delivers your best photos & videos from your camera to your smartphone or tablet. No wireless network required. Mobi creates its own WiFi so it works anywhere you are. Just install the free Eye-Fi app on your smartphone or tablet to connect the card. Once paired, the card transfers photos & videos whenever new content is detected by your device. And, once the transfer completes, the card disconnects its WiFi to save your battery.

x2_prod_mobi_camera_to_mobile.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6a_BATEoZ3One thing I want to do more of is take photos with something other than my phone. I have a nice Canon Rebel digital camera that I rarely use because of having up upload the pictures. The hassle of getting the cord out and plugging it into my computer, or having to pull the card out, turn on my computer, put the card in… sometimes it’s just not convenient. 


Eye-fi Mobi cards have built in Wi-Fi and instantly transfer images to my iphone – as they are taken! From there I can Instagram, Facebook, and tweet the pictures I just took – which are a much high quality than the ones I could take with my phone. The Eye-Fi app is super easy to use – look at your photos and pick which ones you want to world to see!

You can find Eye-Fi at Best Buy, Amazon, and most camera shops, as well as online at

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