My son is very into 2 things – dinosaurs and vehicles. And puzzles, but that’s not what this post is about.. I am THRILLED that Educational Insights has an awesome battery-free toy line – Dino Construction Company!


This fierce, prehistoric powerhouse is totally kid-powered and ready to demolish anything a child can imagine! Wrecker is the leader of the pack and rolls up onto the scene with dino track treads that leave footprints in sand or dirt. From the playroom floor to the beach, our green machine from the past can turn even a pile of blocks into a kid-powered construction project. Made to last, Wrecker has no electronic parts and is free of metal pieces. Water, wind, sand, and snow can’t get in the way of this dinosaur’s chomping, movable jaw or swinging tail.


Wrecker’s hardware-inspired arms loom down over imaginary cities or outdoor puddles as kids push this dino across anything in its path. Get ready for hours of imaginary play when Wrecker hits the construction site!

  • Totally kid-powered, with no batteries required

  • No metal parts

  • Large, movable jaw and gleaming white teethSegmented, swinging tail moves in many directions

  • Built kid-tough and designed to last for years

You can find Dino Construction Company toys on the Educational Insights site, Discovery.com, and Amazon along with other specialty toy shops!