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Place the CHILLOW Cooling Pad on top of your existing pillow to enjoy cool and relaxing comfort that eases you into deep sleep. The CHILLOW Cooling Pad uses innovative cooling technology without using electricity or refrigeration. By combining the right materials and an ingenious design, the CHILLOW Cooling Pad will remain at room temperature and will be cooler than your body temperature. Activate your CHILLOW Cooling Pad by simply adding water to the inner chamber. The water is then fully absorbed into the patented foam core to create a soft surface that will continuously absorb heat from your body and release it into the air around you. Enjoy a COOL, SOFT and RELAXING comfort that eases you into deep sleep. The CHILLOW Cooling Pad is meant to be pleasantly cool, but not cold.

I kinda love “As Seen On TV”. In fact, we have a store just down the street that sells all of that fun stuff. One of the products I have been intrigued with is the Chillow – I like me a cool pillow!


I used it and was surprised that it was pretty comfortable – BUT it did slide out of my pillowcase so if you have a zip-up case or a sham I would use that instead. I did notice that after about a week air was let in and a little water leaked out, so I think the constant moving of my head on the Chillow might have loosened the plug. 

With that said – the Chillow came in handy while I was sick with the flu. I tend to get headachey when I get sick, so having the constant coolness really helped me feel better. I will most likely use it for illness and injuries more than anything else.

You can find Chillow on their website, on Amazon, and retailers like Walmart and Target! MSRP is $14.99!