Brush Buddies creates an entirely new category in oral care – Singing Toothbrushes featuring today’s biggest musicians singing their biggest hits! Our line includes Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, One Direction (worldwide excluding North America), LMFAO and PSY products that “make brushing fun” which research has shown improves brushing time as much as 73%! Each brush is uniquely styled for each artist, plays 2 songs (one for morning brushing, one for night) and plays each song for a full two minutes – the dentist recommended length of time to brush.

Getting my kids to brush – not a big problem. Getting them to brush a full 2 minutes? Now that is a challenge! But with Brush Buddies it’s not too hard!


Dylan and Riley got to try out the NEW Smurfs Brush Buddies! It’s pretty fun to see a character from my childhood become popular again. Riley and Dylan love The Smurfs movies, so The Smurfs toothbrushes were a natural choice.


All you need to do is press the buttons on their bellies! Papa Smurf and Smurfette tell the twins to brush the tops, bottoms, fronts, and sides in their smurfy voices. The kids know exactly how long to brush now and LOVE doing it!

smurf4 smurf5


Brush Buddies makes brushing their teeth super fun! Brush Buddies come in several other styles for older and younger kids – Lady Gaga, One Direction, LMFAO, and more! Also Animal Friends and Brite Beatz – the toothbrush that turns their dental routine into a dance party!

Brush Buddies make a perfect stocking stuffer – find them at Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Toys’r’Us, and plenty more places! Or order online and get 30% off with code BB30W! Order by Dec 19th for Christmas delivery!

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