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Bowflex Boost Activity Tracker – MSRP $49.95

Everyday activities like walking, running and lifting count toward your progress! Tracking your steps, distance and calories is now easier than ever thanks to pre-programmed daily goals and easy Bluetooth syncing with the FREE Bowflex Boost mobile app compatible with iPhone 4S and newer devices.

I recently made a decision to better myself with exercise. I have always been a decent eater – I eat my greens and proteins, but exercise I have always hated. I joke saying I don’t have endorphins because after working out I feel like crap instead of that rush of feel-goods that I hear about. But I digress…


Because I want every step to count I started wearing the Bowflex Boost to see exactly how much (or little) I move around during the day. Did you know that 10000 steps burns 500 calories? Neither did I! Now that I know that (and know how easy it is to attain that goal daily) I can up my goals and get fit.

  • The Boost app lets you set daily personal goals and check your progress at a glance.
  • Day and night, Boost will keep track of your activity and sleep.
  • Wireless bluetooth technology automatically syncs activity data to your iPhone.
  • Boost makes it easier than ever to hit your goals, stay motivated and on track.

photoIt’s an easy way to keep motivated! It’s also economical – just $49.95! You can get it at http://www.bowflexboost.com, Amazon, or other major retailers!

Be sure to check out the Bowflex BLOG at  http://www.bowflexinsider.com/ The blog provides tips on fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

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