Air Huntress Z Curve Bow

The Air Huntress Z Curve Bow is the ultimate foam bow and arrow combo, load up with a whistling sonic soft foam arrow, pull back, then ready, aim, fire and watch as the arrow soars over 125′. Set up some cans for target practice or shoot against a wall for bounce back action. 

With the popularity of The Hunger Games, the release of Catching Fire, and of course Darryl Dixon of The Walking Dead fame, bow and arrow sets have never been more popular. It used to be the sets were “boyish” – blue or black, sleek, and quite masculine. Well who says it has to be a boy’s game?


Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow is girly – pink and purple with sparkles to appeal to the girls in your life. I am pretty excited to play with this Christmas Morning – yep, even though I am giving this to my daughter *technically* she’s a little young for it (ages 8 and up) and lacks the dexterity to use it, so I will be whizzing those foam arrows at my husband. Playfully, of course. But I have a feeling there will be a foam war in my future šŸ™‚

Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow is made by Zing Toys wil an MSRP of $24.99. You can find them anywhere toys are sold or on Amazon.com!