Once you have attached AIR CURLER™ to your hair dryer, place a section of hair into the “bowl”. Turn the hair dryer on and spin each section of hair for about 10-15 seconds. Next, turn your hair dryer onto the cool setting and continue spinning hair for an additional 10-20 seconds to lock in the curl and create a brilliant shine. It’s just that easy!

I got the Air Curler for a review. I need to start off by saying a few things:

  1. My hair doesn’t hold curl well, if at all. It is so processed that if I want to curl it, well, let’s just say I never wear my hair curly
  2. The Air Curler is a good product BUT – it takes practice to use it! It’s not going to feel natural until you have used it several times.
  3. The biggest takeaway from using the Air Curler (for me) is to follow the directions to a T. You need to cold-blast your hair after heat-spinning it. And hair spray! But that’s just my hair.

I used the John Frieda Full Volume hair dryer. Luckily the Air Curler comes with a rubber ring to put on the end of your hair dryer to attach it, because I did need it. Most hair dryers won’t need it though. My hair dryer has a cold blast button that I was able to use easily without fumbling. The nice thing about The Air Curler is that you can change direction of the spin to change whether curls are going toward the front or back.

Annnnd… the result! This was after about a week of practice.

Left Side: Air Curler, Right Side: My Normal Hair
(yes, my hair is hot pink. I did tell you it was processed, right?) 


aircurler2So, as you can see the Air Curler does in fact work. I am not the perfect candidate with my lack of curl-holding-power, but I can tell you that with practice and technique it will work. You can find The Air Curler at Target, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and other retailers! MSRP $14.99! You can also find specials at http://aircurler.com!