*I visited Santa HQ as a guest of Washington Square Mall. All opinions are my own

If you live anywhere around Portland, you HAVE to stop off at Washington Square to see Santa! HGTV brought Santa and the elves to us in a magical way (more info).

From the Naughty-or-Nice ‘O Meter to Elf-Ray Vision, there is fun and excitement around every corner. Santa HQ is not just waiting in line, it’s an experience you will want your child to experience. Our first stop was a quick family photo at the entrance to Santa’s home:

FP_Washington Squ_20151122_000002_Pss

We were pretty excited for the next stop – The Naughty-or-Nice ‘O Meter. Luckily my kids were (barely) on that Nice list, so hopefully they will stay that way…

Guess who made the good list! #SantaHQ #lovehgtv #spon

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Then we checked out the Elf Yourself room which was decked out for Christmas Eve. the kids had a blast watching themselves as elves dancing to a fun Holiday jingle. SantaHG3 SantaHG2 SantaHG1 My favorite room was Santa’s Observatory where we experienced Elf-Ray Vision. Here we used an app to see some fun 3D images of Santa’s elves, gears and gadgets, and more. The room was equipped with tablets for the kids to see it all.  

Elf Ray Vision was super fun at #SantaHQ #lovehgtv A photo posted by Carol (@mommywants) on

Then.. the grand finale – SANTA!! Santa Claus was there and sweet & caring with every child he saw. Riley gave him a picture she colored, Dylan sat on his lap and told him what he wanted, and they both had stars in their eyes as they talked to the real Santa Claus.


OMG. It’s SANTA!! #SantaHQ #lovehgtv

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One of the best things about Santa HQ – it’s all free to go through! If you choose to purchase photos you can but it’s not required. If you do choose to get the photos there are some really great discounts and deals you can get if you reserve your spot. Or you can take a chance and just show up (reserving will guarantee your spot at a time convenient to you!). Definitely check out Santa HQ at Washington Square – you will LOVE it!

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