No, not really. Actually, poking myself with needles everynight doesn’t hurt one bit.

So I will officially be on Follistim for one more month before….

dun dun DUUNNNN


IVF stands for “In-Vitro Fertilization”… Basically, a test tube baby. Or two.

I am actually pretty confident that this will work. I don’t think the Follistim will, but what the hell, might as well use it if I’ve got it, right?

The thing I am most worried about is the cost. We are basically putting all of our eggs into one basket (get it?!) and my doctor will freeze any unused embryos* (baby-cicles) to use later.

That aside… My dear sweet husband and I have FINALLY agreed on a couple of names (for now!) For a boy we like Dexter David Tudor Jones, and a girl Daphne Anne Amador Jones. So if we have both they will be Dex and Daph. Too cutesy? The middle names are family names, they ain’t goin’ nowhere…

* My husband says if we use any of the frozen ones they must be named after OTTER POPS such as Poncho Punch, Lil’ Orphan Orange, or my personal favorite, Strawberry Short-kook.