Something special happens on family farms: You grow up with no clear line between work and home. That’s the way it was when Clara Blake started the farm here in 1929, and that’s the way it is today with our daughters, Blake and Lucy.

I often have those days when I just don’t want to cook. But I still want something that isn’t processed and filled with preservatives. That’s where Blake’s All Natural dinners come in. They are made with 100% all natural ingredients. Blake’s lets me enjoy time with family instead of slaving over a hot oven, while still having a home-cooked meal.


I tried the All Natural Chicken Pot Pie and WOW. Absolutely delicious. It was full of fresh white chicken and vegetables that have obviously not been frozen before making. My mom used to make a chicken pot pie that was divine, and Blake’s Chicken Pot Pie is a close second to that warm and cozy feeling I got as a young child.


Blake’s All Natural comes in Organic and Family sized meals, as well as the All Natural varieties. Even Gluten-Free!

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You can find Blake’s All Natural at Whole Foods, Target, and Natural Grocers locations. Be sure to look in the Natural Frozen section at Target (they won’t be with all of the processed stuff!)

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