Julius Jr on Nick jr

Have you seen Julius Jr on Nick Jr yet? Julius Jr is an adorable little monkey in the likeness of Paul Frank’s Julius who solves problems in a creative way with his friends! My twins are die-hard fans of Julius Jr – we are “required” to have the tv set for Nick Jr at 11am EVERY SUNDAY so that they can see what hijinks Julius Jr and his friends are up to.

There are some SUPER fun crafts available on the Nick Jr website for Julius Jr fans – like cute Julius Jr and Friends finger puppets!

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 11.58.14 AM We had one of the twins’ best friends Pierce over to make some super fun aprons – because we were going to make some fun Julius Jr inspired dishes that the kids just LOVED! Here’s how to make your OWN Julius Jr Aprons – it’s super easy 🙂

You will need:

  • An Apron – the thin ones from JoAnn or Dollar Tree work best! Must be thin enough to see through for tracing.
  • Fabric Markers
  • Permanent Marker
  • A print-out of Julius Jr and his friends (get it HERE)
  • Tape
  • Cardboard or Wax Paper

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 12.02.39 PM 

How to make the apron:


Tape the coloring page to a table or countertop with a piece of wax paper or cardboard underneath. Place apron over coloring page (where it will cover your child’s chest) and secure to table with tape. Use a permanent marker to trace the design onto the apron. 


Color your apron with fabric markers! Get creative!



IMG_1832 IMG_1827


You can make these with your kids, then they can wear them to make some SUPER fun treats! Here are three that are perfect for Julius Jr! Just click the link below the image to find the recipes!


Banana Sammies (ChaquitaMoms.com)

Inspired by Sheree’s Banana Treats in episode “Banana-licious”


Winter Fruit Salad (MarthaStewart.com)

Inspired by episode “Fruitonic 3000”


Spaghetti Pizza (RealSimple.com)

Inspired by Sheree’s Spaghetti Pie in episode “Dez the Dragon”


You can also make RAINBOW cupcakes! Simply make white cake mix according to directions, separate into 6 bowls, color each a different RAINBOW color, put a scoop of each color into every cupcake compartment, and bake to directions. Decorate with frosting and sprinkles! I made these for a fun Julius Jr party I had earlier in the year!

Be sure to watch Julius Jr every Sunday morning at 11am on Nick Jr!